Things to do

Our specially tailored games and events will always keep you on your toes. Scroll down to see what we have lined up for you.

Every game and event is planned and placed to provide you, the adrenaline hungry visitors with the overall sense of Fair play, Experience, Adrenaline rush and Team building.

Broken down into three segments you get to pick and choose according to your convenience and preferences.

List of Games

  • Cycling including Monster bikes and Tandem Cycles
  • Gyroscope- to get a feel of what astronauts go through
  • Bouncy Castle Jungle Theme- For kids to explore and have fun
  • Machan and Panchayat -to chit chat and photoshoot
  • Soapy Football- Slip. Slide. enjoy
  • 3-point Basketball shooter
  • Giant Hammock- See the countryside 20 feet above the ground
  • Rain Dance
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Kids Play Area
  • Volleyball
  • Meltdown-India own Takeshi castle
  • Human Foosball
  • Fun Boxing
  • Archery
  • Bungee Basketball
  • Indoor Games (Table Tennis, Foosball, Carom, Library, Board Games, Air Hockey)
  • Box Cricket
  • Football-5 a side
  • Tug-a -war
  • Hula-hoops
  • Frisbees
  • Skipping
  • Conducted Team Games
  • Bonfire
  • Hobbit Room
  • 3 idiot chairs
  • Camping Tents


The last man standing wins.

Two spinning booms rotate to challenge participants in a game of endurance. The higher boom forces participants to duck. The lower boom requires participants to jump. Put your physical fitness to the test, get right back up every time you fall.

Number of Participants: 8

Bungee Basketball

Stretch out and snap right back. Put your endurance to the ultimate test.

A fun and interactive sport that will push you to your absolute limit.

Sprint further than your opponent on the path given to beat them, all the while by not getting snagged back to the starting point. Get a healthy sense of achievement and satisfaction of having conquered something rigorous and fun.

Number of Participants: 2

Soapy Football

The only place where sliding is encouraged in football.

Giving the already chaotic high-contact game of football an extra punch, the game is now played on a soapy floor, that offers more moments of spontaneity, unpredictability and fun. Slip and slide as you waddle around on our slippery turf as you gain new respect for friction.

Number of Participants: 12

Human Foosball

It’s bigger, better and literally, life-sized madness.

Two teams compete against each other to score the most goals in the allotted time. Each team consists of 6 players in 3 different rows that are faced with the opposing team. The formation is 1 goalie, 2 midfielders and 2 forwards. It’s no longer just an arcade game it’s fun-filled madness on a whole new level.

Number of Participants: 5 per team

Bouncy Castle

Stay inside for 30 seconds with a straight face. We dare you!

Bounce around and let loose as you giggle away all your troubles with your pals. Take your footwear off, jump in and just try finding your footing.

Number of Participants: The more the merrier!

Human Gyro

It’s like you’re in a spin cycle!

Always wanted to feel what it feels like to be on the cockpit of a fighter jet? This is the best way to test your grit. Strap yourself into our harnesses and let go. The only thing is, you’re still on the ground.

Evolved from a gyro simulator, used for training pilots and cosmonauts. The gyroscope can take the rider through a spin cycle at different speeds and rotate 360 degrees.

Number of Participants: 4

Bounce Boxing

Float like a butterfly or bounce like a ball. You take a call.

Take out all the intensity and replace it with whimsical excitement and you’ve got yourself a real winner. Bash your opponent around in the most harmless way possible, with gloves that are larger than life and blown out of proportion.

Number of Participants: 2

Jumbo Hammock

Swing, sway or cocoon. Unwind and relax in the best way possible.

Running around our premises will leave you tired and gasping for your breath. You need to take a breather and relax from time to time. What better way to do that then, you and your friends sharing a massive hammock suspended a few feet off the ground.

Weight limit: 500 Kg

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