About Us

Here is a small snippet of who we are and why we do what we do.

Mugabu is an adventurer’s retreat that delivers quality recreation and enjoyment for multiple generations. We are a team of driven individuals that understand the most important aspect of recreation, fun.

What We Stand For

The Core Values

Mugabu is not just an outdoor destination that provides you with complete satisfaction of physical fun and madness, it also offers you an experience that builds character and camaraderie.

Each activity is set-up with a focus on the core aspects that laid the foundation for the hub of fun.

Meet the Team

At Mugabu, our entire team is at your service and we are all CEO’s in our own ways. While the E in our title may mean different things, we come together for one and one purpose alone; to be your one-stop-destination and hub of fun. We are a team of motivated individuals who have it made it our mission to offer a platform that lets you be yourself and brings the kid out in you. We believe that only when you truly let go is when you really grow.


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Chief Engagement Officer

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